It is our mission to provide Jupiter
with the
  knowledge  and guidance   necessary
to achieve and sustain the highest 
of individual health and performance.




BGI Wellness and Performance opened it's doors on Maplewood Drive in 2006, and has been helping Jupiter reach it's health, fitness, and performance goals ever since.


When you join the BGI family, you are in the hands of strength and conditioning coaches with the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your personal goals.


Welcome to BGI.




We begin with an interview about lifestyle and habits, then some simple assessments of your strength, balance, and conditioning. Together, we can formulate your personalized plan.

The pillars of health and longevity are movement, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and a strong community. The more we learn about you, the more effective your plan will be.

Your goals become our shared mission.



Why not sign you up and point you to the machines? Honestly, you'll get results because we care. We empower you with knowledge, so you know why we do, what we do. AWARENESS and FOCUS mean more than pushups and curls.

Together, we'll identify the obstacles in our path, and direct the focus on the actions to clear them. 

We are on your team.

  • The coaches and program are amazing! They take the extra time to work with you in order to ensure you’re maximizing your performance without hurting yourself.

    Deborah O.
  • I have been a member of BGI for over 3 years, In my opinion, they offer the best interval training in the area. It is circuit training but without the over the top, timed, racing workouts that can cause an overuse injury. Classes are small and trainers take their time to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. Each class is very diverse and friendly with an element of camaraderie.
    Ryan C.
  • The trainers are very knowledgeable and always give advice on how to improve your workout experience. Classes are small, you have more one on one time with them. They encourage you to do your best (that one last rep always makes a difference).
    Mario Z.
  • Only been going for a week, but I’m already loving it. So much focus on technique and moving properly, my fear of getting hurt postpartum isn’t as glaring as it used to be.

    Lindsay C.

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